Historical Photos Series IV: Blind River

Domtar's slash burner and sawdust hopper in 1978.

16 Woodward Avenue in 2012 and in 1979. Haggers (next door) has received a new front as well.It's now a drygoods store.

Part of the McFadden/Domtar lumber mill in 1978, at which time it was derelict. I have no idea what this building was for. At the time one of the commercial fishers was using it for storage. It's long gone.

The remains of the dock at Blind River in 1978. For many decades, ships arrived here carrying people, goods, and later on cars. Neither tree nor trailer exist any more. The dock pilings were cut away one winter as a make-work project.

The Lincoln Hotel, Blind River, notorious for its rowdiness, good food, and live entertainment. It burned down in in the early 1980s.
Actually in 1991, my error

Braithwaite's Hardware warehouse shed on the Blind River was a landmark for many years. With its painted walls, it reminded the viewer of an earlier ear, when small businesses were the core of the local economy. This area of the waterfront is now a parking lot and a park.

Carlo's Snack Bar looked like this in 1979. It offered cheap and hearty food, and had many regular customers. It offered the classic Canadian breakfast of eggs any style, bacon, and home fries, with toast and coffee, all for around $2.50, depending on what the customer added to the basic menu.

By the 1990s, Carlo's had morphed into a Restaurant. The owners renovated the original structure, and added a new building at the back to accommodate larger parties and special events. The St Joseph's Hospital Auxiliary celebrated its 40th anniversary there. The food was still good, cheap, and plentiful. It changed hands and name a few years ago. I'll post a picture of its present-day appearance in a few days.

Another defunct business, Woodward Housewares in October, 1979.

 The Palace Theatre of fond memory. It eventually succumbed to VHS competition, but I enjoyed many good movies there. This is how it looked in 1979.
And this is how the Palace Theatre looked in 1998. Soon after, it was torn down, and an office building replaced it. Update 2013: It has been revived as a weekends only movie show at the Alain Bray Auditorium, located at Ecole Secondaire Jeunesse Nord.

 Murray Street in 1985. The drugstore has been renovated, and the Golden Bakery no longer exists. The building has been used for several business, at present there's a real estate office in it.
Update 9 March 2015: Since summer 2014, the Golden Bakery building houses doctor's office.
 Road hockey in the snow, about 1974. I can't identify the street. Please comment if you know where this was. Or if you are one of the people  playing hockey.

Two scenes of road hockey on Indiana St in 1978.

The Algoma Hotel burning in 1972. It stood opposite Young's Auto-Body shop. The hotel had a reputation as a strip joint.

Palace Theatre entrance in 1980.

 The Harmonic Hotel as it was in 1976. It changed hands several times, and a subsequent owner renamed it the Iron Horse Inn. In the 1970s and 80s, it had live music and the bar was sometimes quite lively. For a while it was the Greyhound Bus Stop.

It's much more sedate now, offering good food in its Cafe and dining room.
The Iron Horse Inn in 2003.

The breakwater defining the channel at Carlson's Dock, in 1979. So it's a historic picture, even though the breakwater is still there.

Almost exactly 27 years ago. It was about -20F, with a bitter wind. I decided to post it today (2015-12-24) because it's warm, there's no frost in the ground, and it will likely rain before the day is over. The car is long gone, several of the buildings on Carlson's dock have been taken down, too.

 Several pictures of the 17 Restaurant. It's been a fixture at the corner of Causley St  (highway 17) and Woodward Ave. for a long, long time. The first two are from 1978 and 1981. You'll notice that the adjoining store has had several names and uses.

The next two are from summer 2003.

And this is how it looked in 2010. I'll post a current picture soon. ;-)


Anonymous said...

The street where the kids are playing snow road hockey is Fremont Street.... : o)

Amy Doussept said...

I believe the winter road hockey is being played on Michigan Avenue. Could these be some of the Fullertons?

Anonymous said...

Those road hockey pics looks like they could be somewhere around Center St and Colonization.

Anonymous said...

The Lincoln actually burnt down in early 1991...

Anonymous said...

Road hockey is on Freemont Street

Anonymous said...

Winter road hockey is on Michigan st.

Anonymous said...

Winter road hockey is on Michigan st.

Anonymous said...

The Lincoln Hotel did not burn down in the early 80's. It burned down in late1991 or spring of 1992.

Della Milutin said...

I love Blind River spent every summer there as a child and now as an adult several weeks in July. It's a welcome get.away from smoggy California.

Anonymous said...

Michigan St. where the street hockey is

Anonymous said...

I believe the building at the McFadden mill was a drying kiln for drying lumber.

Wolf K said...

Thanks to all who have commented and corrected my errors. - Wolf K.

Jodee Aubertin said...

Thank you for bringing me down memory lane, it definitely brought a smile to my face!

Jason said...

Winter hockey is Bissiaillion boys (Jeff and Blake for sure) on Fremont street

Anonymous said...

Our band played at the Harmonic in 1982. Great place. Fern and Frank- great guys.

Bucky Beever said...

Great song about Blind River by local singer/songwriter Christianne Kearns. Track is called "Blind River."

Music video for the song here:

The Timber Village Museum along Highway 17 in BR sells the CD that it's on - "Algoma". [*Also available at algoma.bandcamp.com or on Apple iTunes.]

Help support a local artist, the lovely and talented Christianne Kearns!

Anonymous said...

I remember so well but i was just a kid when i was in blind river, i was looking for my picture of me winning the St Mary's school spelling bee contest(1967-68). that was the start of wanting to succeed in life, father skillen was there so was misses KozLo my CAS worker (which I keep in contact to this very day, she is 94 i am 61)(2017). I miss all my friends that promoted me to succeed, but could not attend the reunion celebrations, i did adore the friendship, & playing for the Beavers,yeah Beavers, and Mr Benke who said that the world revolves around mathematics, it is true young people, I'm still alive after a triple bypass, and hoping and wondering if my friends are alive and well. this is a shout to all my friends and it took a long time on internet to find a site that cares.To all that sees this Facebook me openly cause I will respond on in-box too all young people ,your dreams can come true. Thanks Mr Benke, Cheryl Fitz.., Bonnie, Brian Hep, etc. the world is still out there for you to change. ie Blind River Standard, learned to save for my bike and my baseball glove. all who believed in me Thank you River River... George Commanda

Ron LaBine said...

My family there there a while in 1958, dad worked at the mine. We had a trailer and stayed at Grady's trailer park? Maybe it was O"Grady? They had a small store, maybe in thier house. Does anyone know where this was located?
Thank You

Jacques Menard said...

We lived at 103 Woodward so I am guessing Mrs' O'Grady lived at 99 Woodward, two doors up the street. I remember people lived in a trailer she had in the backyard (1960's). I chummed around with a kid with a British accent. All I remember of Mrs. O'Grady's store was that it had an impressive candy counter. A nickel still went a long way.